Investigations are performed to determine if a person's spouse, partner, or significant other is unfaithful or committing adultery.

No one wants to believe their significant other is cheating on them, but sometimes the signs are just too hard to ignore and it hurts or you just want to know the truth. If you suspect that your spouse or your boyfriend/ girlfriend is being unfaithful, it is time to find out the truth. Whether you need information for a divorce hearing, or simply want some peace of mind, you can count on our staff to conduct a thorough and discreet investigation. At, we have over 20 years of experience monitoring and providing expert observation. Our staff offers a variety of different techniques, from vehicle and hidden assets tracking, to electronic and computer surveillance or just plain old foot work. With a 99% success rate, you can be assured that our investigators will get the information that you need.There are numerous methods to establish, verify, and prove infidelity in a relationship. The methods used for each particular case is individual in nature as is the specifics of each clients case. Our agency will aim to provide the necessary evidence to prove your case with irrefutable, undeniable proof. Identifying any suspect's in these cases is vital; we provide accurate details such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and place of employment. The main reasons clients typically hire an investigation agency for this type of investigation is for the truth.

The plain truth is that cheating can crush a relationship. In one hurtful act, a beautiful union can be shattered into a million tiny pieces. For many folks, they may never recover. Being cheated on and the process of dealing with infidelity changes them forever. First Formica identifies four basic types of affairs: object affairs, sexual affairs, emotional affairs and full-blown secondary relationships. In object affairs the cheating partner neglects the relationship to focus on something else—work, a video game, an intense involvement in floral arrangement—to the detriment of his or her love life.A sexual affair is exactly what it sounds like: the adulterer rents cheap hotel rooms for sex—but not emotional intimacy. A sexual affair is strictly about nookie, nothing more.

Get through this faster! Gain confidence. Clear the fog of confusion and diminish the pain.
Have the crazy days, sleepless nights, absent appetite and queasy stomach fade.Find the strength and courage you never thought you had. Exude a new power. She/He will notice and it will shake his/her world.
Know in your heart that the affair is not your fault. No more self-blame and self-loathing. (You really did your best, you know) Know exactly why s/he had the affair. You will know him/her better than he knows him/her self.
In the next 6 months turn this disaster into a new opportunity.

Melt your rage and hurt into understanding and eventually compassion.Become an expert in affairs.

Outsmart him/her and the Other person, Be tough AND patient and understanding.
Eyeball him/her and s/he will be the first to blink.
Surprise yourself and partner with your newfound wisdom and insight.
Have a REAL chance to stop the affair.
Say the right words that shake your partner to the bone so s/he stops to truly consider the folly of the affair.

We hear a lot of talk these days about the need to protect and strengthen the traditional American family. Certainly, it is true that the institution of marriage is under attack from every side. But the real threat comes from the multitudes of couples that fail to honor their marriage vows.

An emotional affair is when there's no smooching, but lots of sentiment.
You're spending hours on IM with someone who's not your boyfriend/ girlfriend or spouse, spilling your secrets to a man/woman who's not your husband or wife, turning to someone else instead of your partner in times of need. Clearly not good for your primary relationship.

The last type of affair is the traditional kind of cheating, where you have two parallel partnerships that are both sexual and emotional, and it's this kind of liaison that Formica says can actually help a marriage.

First, he says, an affair can add fizz to a flat partnership—what was once stale gets refreshed by a new energy.

Second if you're having an affair you're probably doing it because you're missing something in your first relationship. If you analyze the affair you might be able to see what it is that you lack, and address that problem.

Finally, people tend to get into the same kind of relationship over and over again, but affairs are different—according to Formica they can be "a more authentic barometer for what we actually need in our relationships."

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